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For quick trouble shooting, check out our Frequently Asked Questions! Innflux also provides the following options:


Guest Support

If you are a hotel guest and need support, please consider the following options:

1Use the toll-free 24/7 technical support telephone number provided in your room or from the front desk.

2Email your inquiry to Make sure to provide your name, hotel location, room number and a brief description of your issue.

3Use our live chat feature




Hotel Staff Support

If you are hotel staff and need support, please consider the following options:


1Login to your Innflux Hotel Console here:

2Email with your inquiry. Make sure to provide your name, hotel location, and a brief description of your issue.

3During business hours, call our main office number (312.850.3399) and follow the prompts for support. During evening hours, feel free to call the dedicated staff support number your hotel has been provided.



Frequently Asked Questions

See below for answers to frequently asked questions

Q:When trying to connect I get prompted for a password.

A:Check that you are connecting to the correct SSID, or network name. If you don’t know the correct SSID, ask the front desk or give us a call.

Q:I do not see any wireless networks in range, what could be wrong?

A:Many devices have a physical switch for wireless. Make sure yours is in the on position. Some devices have software or keyboard controls for their wireless. If you don’t know the location or the method to turn your wireless switch on, give us a call.

Q:I opened my web browser and I got a message saying I was blocked! What do I do now?

A:Innflux does not allow peer-to-peer protocol traffic on its networks. If you use any programs to download movies, music, or games to your computer you’ll need to disable them for the duration of your stay. Please give us a call and we will work with you to turn off any such programs or try to identify the cause of your block.

Q:I connected to the network, opened my browser, and got a message about a certificate error, what does this mean?

A:If your home page is set to a secure website (HTTPS) you may see this error. Try choosing the option to ‘Continue to this website.’

Q:I have an Xbox, PS3, Wii or other device without a fully functional web browser and I want to get it online, how do I do this?

A:You’ll need a WiFi enabled smart phone, tablet or laptop. Connect your device to the hotels network and log in as normal. Use your web browser to go to ‘’ On that page you will see a form for entering your device’s MAC address and your payment info

Q:I’ve completed the Portal Page but I keep getting sent back to it when I try to reach other sites, how can I get online?

A:At some locations after complete the Portal Page you will see an advertisement that requires you to interact with it. You will generally be presented with the choice to ‘Learn More’ or ‘No Thanks, just take me online.’ Choose one of those options.

Q:This hotel advertises free internet but I’m being asked to enter my credit card info, why is that?

A:At many of our locations we offer upgrade options in addition to the free service. If you aren’t interested in upgrading, after entering your Access Code and room number, make sure to select the ‘No’ option when presented with the question ‘Do you want upgrade your speed?’

Q:I have logged in already, but I would now like to upgrade my speeds. How do I get back to the login page to purchase the upgrade?

A:Give us a call, we will be able to assist in getting you back to that login page in order to upgrade your speeds.

Q:I purchased upgraded speeds, but things are still slow. Why?

A:The upgraded speed purchase is per-device. If you’re still experiencing slow speeds on the same device you purchased the upgrade on, please give us a call.

Q:I’m able to log in and browse, but my Microsoft Outlook won’t load any emails. My webmail is fine, I just can’t load any in the Outlook client. What can I do?

A:Try restarting or synchronizing Outlook again, and if that doesn’t work, please give us a call.

Q:I am showing 54mbps from my computer, why is my speed so low when browsing?

A:54mbps is indication of signal strength not bandwidth speeds. If you have questions about the browsing speeds, please give us a call.

Q:I don’t see a box to input the access code! Where do I enter the code?

A:After you connect to the network open an internet browser. A page should load for you allowing you to enter your access code information. If the page does not load for you try to browse to another website. If you are still unable to get this page please give us a call.