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Innflux Featured Tech: Kamron Malik

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

Kamron Malik

Kamron Malik – Logistics Associate

Source of My Expertise:

Tinkering with computers has been a hobby of mine since a very young age. It all started innocently enough with video games, but then I started to wonder more about how computers worked. I took apart and built a couple of computers. By high school I had started networking computers together with friends. I have looked at other parts of computers as well such as different programming language over the years, always having a continued thirst for more knowledge.

Why Innflux:

Innflux is amazing. Every day presents different problems that need solving. I get to explore networks and learn about new technology on a daily basis which is great. Working here provides me with a great way to expand my knowledge, and gives me a sense of pride by fulfilling the needs of our customers.

Outside of Wi-Fi Networks:

I haven’t grown out of playing video games and play them when I can. And when I am not fiddling with my own computers and networks, I read science fiction or watch Exploring Chicago also, which keeps me busy. I have tried glass blowing and climbing so far and hope to do more of that. When time allows I also enjoy traveling to new places. One day, I want to get back to Europe.

Converged Network Solution: Benefit from Scalability & Malleability

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

As the hospitality industry and its target market continues to evolve, it is becoming increasingly important for hoteliers to differentiate their offerings in order to attract the next generation of travelers. For today’s increasingly tech-savvy traveler, technology is that perfect point of differentiation. Hotels can deliver on the technological demands of guests without giving up on their bottom line by leveraging the scalability and malleability of a converged network solution.

If you were to peel away the walls of the vast majority of today’s hotels, you would see a number of parallel networks used to deliver everything from voice, video, and Internet to HVAC controls, and security. The fundamental problem with the historical application of these services is their reliance on dated and proprietary transmission protocols to function. But what if you could eliminate the confusion and the cost of this bundle of mixed copper and coaxial cabling? Couldn’t they all be delivered using a single common network infrastructure?

The answer is yes, and Innflux offers a converged network solution that makes it possible by providing two competitive advantages to hotels when implemented:

  1. Scalability
  2. Malleability

Converged Network Solution: Scalability

First, a converged network solution provides for a scalable infrastructure. With this solution, the services are all delivered using a common transmission protocol (Internet protocol – commonly known as IP). This means that they are able to utilize the same physical infrastructure (a single Ethernet connection) to deliver services. The capacity of the infrastructure (depending on the medium – cat5, cat6, fiber) already exponentially exceeds the demands of the services typically supported, and thus leaves ample room for future growth and cost effective expansion of a shared network backbone.

Converged Network Solution: Malleability

Second, a converged network solution is, by definition, malleable in nature and can be adapted quickly and easily to support new applications. This fact is often overlooked, but is one of the biggest value drivers of converged solutions. A modular approach to technology implementation using a shared network infrastructure allows property’s to not only adapt their offerings effectively to stay ahead of guest expectations; it affords them a unique competitive advantage in speed to market for tomorrow’s technologies.

All of the services rendered on a converged network solution are, by design, connected to the shared information super-highway. This offers the property substantial cost saving opportunities. The inherent efficiency of a multi-functional infrastructure allows services to be added or removed with minimal cost. Low-volt cabling, switching equipment, and space is therefore optimized to provide the greatest utility by eliminating excess resources. Meanwhile, operating costs such as electricity, HVAC and technical support resources are minimized through the elimination of redundancies.

Given the trajectory of the integrated market, the ever increasing guest demands and the need for today’s hoteliers to keep up with them all, a converged network solution is more important than ever. As a seasoned provider of converged network solutions, Innflux is ready to help you stay ahead of your guests demands in a manner that creates unique value as a point of differentiation.

Written by William Richmond, Senior Strategic Account Executive at Innflux LLC