Innflux is Now a Thing5 Company
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Welcome to Innflux!

The demand for reliable hotel HSIA (high speed Internet access) continues to grow exponentially with computing power and the number of Wi-Fi enabled devices. The availability of a reliable, high speed wireless connection is no longer an amenity to the modern traveler; it is a pre-requisite that can make or break the overall guest experience.
To meet the ever-evolving demands of the increasingly tech-savvy consumer, a property must be well informed of the technologies available, the costs and benefits of each, and their implications for the future. As a proactive hotel HSIA provider dedicated to long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships, Innflux helps its customers do just that.

Our Business Philosophy:

Create long-term partnerships with our clients; provide superior hotel HSIA solutions for a fair value; consistently lead through innovation; and maintain the integrity of our work.

What our hotel HSIA clients have to say:

"Innflux's team of professional wireless network engineers have proven their level of expertise at our new Westin. They were flexible and worked with our specific needs in order to accomplish a premium HSIA experience for our guests. I would recommend Innflux to any company looking for a solid HSIA provider." - Garrett Matthieu, Director of Operations, Senate Hospitality, Nashville, TN
"Dora Hotels has switched from [another provider] to Innflux and has been very pleased with the decision. Our guests have echoed this satisfaction. Our two companies' business philosophies of quality and utmost service are a good match and we look forward to continuing to work with Innflux in the future." - Robert Dora, Owner , President, Dora Hotels, Indianapolis, IN
"Innflux has shown over our long history together that they have their finger on the pulse of the HSIA industry. They provided us with a simple and cost effective solution and their 24/7 support has never failed to resolve the few issues our guests have encountered. We would recommend Innflux to any company looking for an HSIA provider. They are one of the best companies we do business with and we would be willing to discuss our experience with any prospective customer of Innflux." - Ed Croom, President, Janko Hospitality, Downers Grove, IL
"Immediately all issues went away and guest service ratings climbed. We have several large and challenging properties that Innflux has gone into, creating a very friendly and satisfying environment for our guests. I have no reservations recommending Innflux to meet and exceed expectations." - Scott Lockwood, Purchasing Mgr., Kinseth Hotel Corp, North Liberty, IA
"Because we believe that surpassing clients' expectations and proactively anticipating guests' needs is the key to building long-term relationships, it is very difficult to find partners that share our same values. I can unequivocally say that we have found this in Innflux. They have been a company that truly cares about their customers. Their team of professionals always completes their tasks with understanding and professionalism. Their performance exceeded my expectations in every way. Any problems that arose were handled with swift attention and concern." - Steven Lee, Managing Partner, Jaslink Solutions Clients include Beverly Hills Raffles L'Ermitage, Santa Monica Casa Del Mar, Newport Beach Fairmont and the Los Angeles Four Seasons.